Venice, Italy is Ranked High Amongst Visitors List

Venice is another city, steeped rich in culture and history.  It is well-known for its interests in the arts, art history, sports, music, sacredness, attractive village sites and beautiful scenery, etc. all are found in Italy, Venice. It offers the environment where you can attain high enjoyment.

Lake Como: Summer retreat with fresh charm

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake and popular amongst rich people of the Romans. The beautiful villas located here give relief from summer’s strong and intolerable heat. It is well worth to explore the place with extensive lake.

Bridge of Sighs: Designed to amaze everyone

This bridge is built somewhat in 1600. It connects the Doge’s palace to the Rio DI Palazzo. The bridge was designed by very experienced Antonio Contino. The name of the bridge is based on the theory that the sigh at the final view of Venice via window when executioners are on their way.

San Giorgio Maggiore: A small island with a mark of excellence

This is the best known and well admired place constructed in 16th century. This island is built by Andrea Palladio and the church features white marbles with open interiors. It also consisted of famous paintings such as Last Supper and The Fall of Manna.

Ca’ d’Oro: The house of gold

The original name of Ca’ d’Oro is Palazzo Santa Sofia. It was designed by Giovanni Bon and Bartolomeo. It is a beautiful structure with superior ornamentation all around. Previously it was called as a house of gold, but today it turned into white and pink colored building.

Santa Maria Della Salute: The church with quality

This church came into being in 17th century. It is situated at such a point where Grand Canal and Venetian Lagoon meets each other. It is a holy place of Mother Mary for protecting the city from the unknown plague that killed almost half of the city.