St Goar – Soak in Rhine Valley Views and Sweet Wines

While traveling across Germany, especially the Rhine valley, I came across this town which as beautiful views and some unique treasures of German life that is not known to many. I discovered that its name is Sankt Goar or St. Goar. This town can be your base for discovering the hidden gems of Rhine valley.

Find a homely accommodation like we did that offered rooms with a view of the valley. It is a small town which makes it a quaint place to discover, with your family or friends. As with many valley destinations in this country, it has wineries which you can visit and enjoy wine tasting sessions.

Taste the Wine

This is one of the main delights of this town. Many wineries offer wine tours and wine tasting sessions. We checked out Eiswine and Reisling which are famous here. You will discover that the wines here are of sweet flavors.

Stop by Beer Stein Store

This town is also known for the beer stein store, one of the largest and there are all kinds of sizes and shapes of beer stein to be found here.

Shop for Shoes at Birkenstock

This is another unique store here; this store or local brand has great comfortable shoes to try. It is a must stop; if you are here with your family, they are sure to love trying on and shopping for sandals and shoes here.

Stop by the Cuckoo Clock

If you are here with children, they will surely be delighted to know that the cuckoo clock here is the largest in the world. When I found out, I made sure that I visit this site. There are several shopping destinations here as well as restaurants to enjoy a meal, all by the boulevard that is built by the Rhine River. The view of the castles in the faraway hilltops completes the fairy tale like scenes here.