Omaha Gives You A Taste Of Midwest America as a Sports Powerhouse

Omaha is the largest city of Nebraska, it will give you an experience of all that makes this US state distinct. Located in the Midwestern part of the country, Omaha is located in Douglas County and by the Missouri river. Being an anchor of the Omaha and Council Bluffs metropolitan area, this city has a rich and interesting history that dates back to 1854.  The beauty of Omaha is its rich history of sports with kids starting young.  

This was the pioneer period when the city was founded and, due to the Lone Tree Ferry crossing that is located here, it earned the nickname, Gateway to the West. This nickname was well earned as it hosted the World’s Fair in 1898, naming it the Trans-Mississippi Exposition. It soon became an important transportation hub of the country. In the 20th century the city had a growing industrial scene due to railroads, breweries, meat packing plants among others.

Today the modern Omaha is home to several Fortune 500 companies for which its business and commercial districts are bustling scenes of modern workplaces. However, as a tourist you will find several landmarks to visit and modern constructions that showcase development in this region.

Henry Doorly zoo and aquarium is a popular attraction that usually figures on the top of the list. Animal exhibits can be found here as well as a desert dome, which creates a habitat for different species that survive in the desert as well as a rainforest ecosystem that is created inside the dome.

Lauritzen Gardens is a scenic place here that has seasonal flower displays and botanical gardens spanning 100 acres. Enjoy the changes in the seasons that showcase in the flora and fauna; spend time in the gift shop or stop by the café.

The Durham Museum houses historic exhibits which comprise of a train station that dates back to the thirties. This art deco display as well as the traveling exhibits showcases history of Omaha. You will surely enjoy visiting this museum as well as the Heartland of America Park. This park is made fun and recreational with boat rides, fountains, and evening light shows.

There is something for everyone here. A Children’s Museum in this city as well as theatres and malls provides an endless form of modern entertainment.