Floyd Mayweather – The Undefeated Boxing Champion

Floyd Mayweather is one of the few boxing champions who have attained the status of a living legend.  Being born into a boxing family gave him an early exposure to the field of boxing. His father was a professional boxer and a boxing trainer who has encouraged and trained Floyd Mayweather since his childhood. Despite the support he received Mayweather recalls his childhood days to be rather difficult. As of today, he owns the firm Mayweather Promotions which is into promoting various types of live entertainment programs and events.

Boxing career and records

Floyd Mayweather has an eventful boxing career that has rewarded him with numerous accolades and titles. He had acquired training from several veteran boxers like Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Dewey Cooper, Jeff Mayweather, and Cornelius Edwards. He began his boxing career in the 1990s as an amateur boxer and had won the Golden Gloves championship for 3 years.  In 1996 Olympics games, he won a bronze medal. He won his 1st world title in 1998 by defeating Genaro Hernández in the featherweight category. In the coming years, he continued to win on a consistent basis and became the 12-time world champion. As of today, he holds an undefeated record in the history of modern boxing. After being active from 1996 to 2015 as a professional boxer, he had retired for the second time, but in the year 2017, he made a comeback by fighting with Mixed Martial Arts champion Conor McGregor. Mayweather, who has been titled as the highest-paid athlete by the Forbes, earned around $300 million from his one-fight comeback.

The inception of Mayweather Promotions

In 2007 Mayweather took a temporary retirement and founded the Mayweather Promotions which is a boxing promotional firm. He returned back to the ring in 2009 but continued with his promotional activities. Currently, he is promoting various live entertainment shows, movies, sporting events and television programs.  Mayweather has also participated in the WWE for a short period, but his fight with Big Show lead to a lot of publicity following his performance. He has also appeared in several movies and television shows. Most of the movies featured him in cameo roles. He is also popular for generating millions of dollars from his pay-per-view buys.