Buenos Aires – Paris Of The South

The place that consolidates the charismatic imprints and traces of European vibes from the vintage trims and the lit ever trending official language as Spanish, the country of legendary Messi and the origin of the sweet yet seductive tango, Welcome to the land of Argentina.

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is spread over an area of 203 km square unit is commonly called the Paris of the South and has a lot of influence of colonizers with a Spanish origin and is also filled with plenty of street cafes and clubs rocking with the sexy tango.

The places which I visited when around Buenos Aires are

  • CasaRosada
  • Plaza De Mayo
  • Obelisco de Buenos Aires
  • Teatrocolón
  • Recoleta Cemetery
  • Tigre

Travelling Around the city is very easy through two main mediums, namely trains and bus along with airplanes for international flights.

It is a pointer to note that the buses here work significantly faster than the trains, but might cost somewhat a bit. The tickets to board the buses are always available all around the year through online booking or directly at the bus station wherein a lot of time can be saved if you do not wait for them around the busy days such as national and public holidays.


When talking about staying as a tourist around this area, the hotspots are San Telmo and Palermo which has a lot of things for the traveler to discover wherein the latter is sort of located on the outskirts and the former is very close to the heart center of the city and would not take more than a ten to fifteen minute walk, hence making it very convenient.

The average one day cost of a traveler to shop, eat and visit places on a minimum budget would come around £531.